What We Can Do to Promote a Sustainable Environment

Needless to say, a Sustainable environment is crucial both for this and future generations. In recent years, environmental protection has become an important issue for people all over the world from all walks of life, rising to the same status as economic development.

Environmental practices

What does a sustainable environment mean to you? I have to say it is crucial for people like us. With the great improvement of technology and science, our generation has rarely gone out and found the truth of the nature. Pollution, global warming, endangered wild animals and resource exhaustion all the emergencies which need to be tackle by people all over the world. And I have to say only we human being join hands and cooperate with each other can we embrace a sustainable environment.

sustainable environment

So another question, what we can do to promote a sustainable environment?

  • Emissions

When think about emission, we need to mention automobiles, trucks and forklifts since they produce a large proportion of emission. When burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum gas, we will face a truth that carbon dioxide and other gases are released into the atmosphere. These emissions trap heat close to the earth, causing what is known as the “greenhouse effect.” The earth’s rising temperature has led to higher sea levels, extreme storms and other problems that stem from a changing climate. If we all work together to drive less, conserve electricity and create less waste, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help fight global warming.

sustainable environment

A 10 % reduction of energy use from cars, trucks and buses would help to displacing nearly 1 million barrels of petroleum per day and would also reduce premature deaths from air pollution. So what we can do to protect our environment?

  1. Do not leave vehicles idling.
  2. Carpooling and public transportation.
  3. Put hybrid vehicles and electric forklifts into your consideration.
  4. Enhance your warehouse layout to maximize efficiency.
  5. Efficient driving plans for outside sales personnel.
  6. Telephone and video conference whenever possible.
  7. Efficiently route delivery trucks to maximize backhauls.
  8. Optimize trucking and reduce redundant freight movements.


  • Energy

As a global community, one of the most serious threats that we are facing is of global warming and rapid climate shifts. These phenomenon which are apparently beyond our control, have been caused by our own negligence. The excessive burning of fossil fuels and unregulated power emissions are destroying the habitable environment of the planet, which is gradually making life difficult for human beings.

sustainable environment

Statistics show that only about 10 % of the energy used by a bulb creates light; the other 90 % only generates heat. One of the most important factors in being able to minimize energy use in a facility is to thoroughly understand how the facility uses energy and when and where it uses it. So what we can do to efficiently use energy?

  1. Turn off lights, electronics, computers and machines when not in use.
  2. Maximize the use of natural light and skylights whenever possible and use energy efficient light bulbs.
  3. Install motion detectors to automate the on/off switches.
  4. Minimize energy use by adjusting room temperature, avoid heating and air conditioning vacant spaces.
  5. Seal dock doors and entryways to decrease heating and/or cooling loss.
  6. Adjust air dampers and ducts and install separate controls by zone.
  7. Use window covers such as blinds or shades and evaluate the insulation requirements.

Use renewable energy cannot only doing so will benefit those adopting renewable energy sources, but will also be helpful to the environment. And through solar panels and windmills not only can you generate electricity for free forever, you can also get rid of cost paid for electricity supplied by electricity supply companies, many of which use hazardous means of power generation, like thermal and nuclear power generation.

  • Recycle

Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours. So it is another issue which you can’t ignore when considering the practice of saving our environment. You can start by buying recycled goods. You do this by looking for the ‘recycle’ symbol or ask the salesman for guidance.

sustainable environment

Things like Paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, pallets, aluminum and electronic devices can be recycled and I have to say that recycling is a really great behavior which can save our world without much of our effects. Production of recycled paper uses 80 % less water, 60 % less energy and produces 95 % less air pollution than producing paper from new trees.

  1. Recycle everyday paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and trim cuts of plastic sheets whenever possible.
  2. Use reusable ceramic coffee mugs versus paper or foam cups.
  3. Use scanners, not copiers.
  4. Establish an electronic faxing system.
  5. Enter orders electronically and avoid spiral notebooks.
  6. Encourage cut-to-size to ensure less waste downstream.

Some additional ideas

Saying Become to do something for create a sustainable environment is easy. But practicing hard! So here are some additional ideas for you.

  1. Being active in your community conservation programs.
  2. Hosting an environmental initiatives open house.
  3. Create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly programs

We should protect the environment, because if it is ruined then eventually the Earth will be destroyed. It is our home. But not only is it our home, but also animals’ home. It’s bad enough that we’re destroying ours, but to destroy theirs too?! We need to care our environment is clean so we may protect ourselves from diseases. We can see that our environment is suffering from pollution if we do pollution it may create a problem. It is important to protect our environment to preserve natural resources essential to human life. Without things like clean water and fossil fuels, life would become unmanageable.

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