What we all about

Today, our planet is experiencing strong environmental constraints (recurrent droughts, desertification, etc.), which are now amplified by global disturbances (climate change, depletion of Natural resources, differences between developed and developing countries, food insecurity, deforestation and drastic loss of biodiversity, growth of the world population, natural and industrial disasters. We must all recognise economic, civil society, which must necessarily rely on new universal values that are responsibility, ecological participation, sharing, and precaution.


One of the answers to this situation which risks jeopardising the future of future generations is the mobilization and participation of all the actors. To do so, a √©ducationl’urgence of awareness of environmental issues and existing measures to achieve sustainable management of its natural resources.
In the Face of this situation, the promotion of sustainable development remains the only alternative for all actors (states, acteursorientée towards sustainable development (ESD) is required at all levels and especially at the academic, student and of scientific research.


It is in this context that our Organization is born, and is committed to making its contribution a little bit to the understanding of this problem through awareness and concrete actions in the field of the promotion of the ecological economy , socio-humanitarian support and the development of a culture of eco-citizenship. Thus, we make a vibrant appeal to all those who want to bring their stones to join our team in order to contribute to the achievement of our vision that is to federate all the actors (public, private and civil society) around a project A liveable, viable and equitable world.