The fibres are then laminated into layers to form the backlighting panel

The finished panel is thin, and emits no heat, is EMI free and provides superior brightness, longer life, and excellent design flexibility compared with other backlighting technology. Power requirements from as low as 10-20mA at 2 VDC and no inverter. The light source is LED, or gas filled bulb or halogen and is simple to change. Over the past 70 years, the electronics manufacturing industry has changed dramatically as the industry continues to adapt to evolving demands and technology. Epec is at the forefront of innovation, with the expertise and agility to move at the speed of today’s businesses.

This requires good design and proper material selection in order for the latest dome designs to be successful. Yi Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. professional manufacturer and exporter of Membrane keyboard switches, flexible printed circuits, Membrane Keypad and other electronic components. We have acquired the skills and technology necessary to produce top-quality products that are suitable for use in computers and other electronic and electrical goods. We accept OEM orders for all types of Membrane switches, Membrane keyboards, and flexible PCB. Yi Yi has six production lines, using 50% imported and 50% locally sourced equipment.

But membrane keypad manufacturers have tried hard to develop quick and error-free keypads at reliable prices. The membrane keypad manufacturers also use many different materials to construct these keypads. Actually, they select best materials according to the needs of these keypads.

Membrane switch

We have built a reputation on exceeding our customers’ requirements not only in the products we supply but also the quality of service we offer. Utilising our strict IP design technologies, the outcome has been a series of compact weatherproof membrane switch assemblies incorporatingembossed graphic overlays, SMD Led’s, and electroluminescent backlighting. Once membrane switches are created, they need to be mounted or assembled to the equipment/machine they control. At this point, the switches are vulnerable to damage prior to mounting them. It is important to follow the specific mounting instructions to prevent damage .

These switches are used on equipment to pass commands from users to electronic devices. Your computer keyboard or microwave oven will probably have a membrane switch to control its operation.. A computer controlled loom produces a sheet of precisely laid optical fibres.

Tradeindia is one of the global platform to provide local and international market and customers, it helpful to make my business online presence and create more visibility. Due to the strict sealing requirements of process, the switch contacts are proof against hazardous gas erosion, oxidization, proof against water/dust/oil, thus suitable for various harsh environments. Direct channel to find the tailored membrane switch right for your machine & equipment.

Membrane keypads are user-equipment interface utilities that allow for delivering commands to electronic devices. Throughout the world, especially in more developed economies, electronic devices have become more important to businesses and individuals on a daily basis. Even in developing countries, where access to sources of electricity is irregular, electronic devices like mobile phones can be found everywhere. In order to interact with these devices, control systems lượt thích keypads, switches, panels, and screens are necessary.

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