Air Cooled Chillers For Rent

Arrived at KIG in March 2016 was this never used, never installed, 2014 Koolant Koolers / Dimplex Thermal 1.5 ton Air Cooled Chiller. This unit is in original crate, and is a solid USA made indoor portable chiller with a pump and tank, and offered with money back guarantee. Unit was run and tested completely at our 13,000 square foot facility prior to shipping. Arrived at KIG in November 2020 is this very high-end Riedel outdoor packaged chiller.

A water cooled water chiller does not have fans, it uses a secondary water source for the condenser cooling. This unit is 460 volt and originally designed to cool laser machines. It has 2 compressors, a primary tank and a secondary tank, and a primary pump and a smaller secondary pump. For a non laser application we will modify and disable the smaller pump and tank and you will still get the full amount of 6 tons of cooling. ICS Chillers offers a full range of industrial air cooled chiller packages. Each chiller is custom built to efficiently support your specific process cooling requirements.

Choose from air-cooled and water-cooled comfort cooling chillers, each offering a unique set of advantages to consider for your application and budget. Manufactured in the United States the Air-Cooled Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are rigorously tested to ensure that chillers meetOur requirements before we would ship any unit to you. The Air-Cooled feature a hot gas by-pass which routes the hot, uncondensed refrigerant back through a reservoir coil thus eliminating the on/off cycling of the compressor. Utilization of the hot gas by-pass allows for greater stability and thermal protection for the pump, motor and compressor.

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Once the water in the air handler system is used, it becomes warm and is sent back to the chiller. Heat is transferred away from the water using the chiller’s evaporator. Liquid refrigerant evaporates as it moves over the evaporator tube, creating a low-pressure gas. Next, the evaporated refrigerant travels to the compressor where the low-pressure gas is compressed into a high-pressure gas. While in the condenser, heat is removed from the chiller by being blown outside through fans on the side of the condenser. Because the heat is blown outside of the chiller, it is ideal to place the chiller outdoors or in a large indoor location that will not be affected by the excess heat.

We paid to have it inspected while it was still under power . Units were professionally de-installed, and have glycol in them now. Arrived at KIG in January 2015 (and quickly sold!) was this Nice Carrier Aquasnap 35 ton Air Cooled Chiller.

KIG has refurbished, tested, and provided dozens of this series and style chiller with outstanding track records in the field. Unit has dual fans, a brazed plate exchanger within the polymer tank, and a 2 hp process pump. In addition to the standard temperature range of 48°F to 70°F, KIG can configure these units for 28°F Glycol temperatures also (de-rating applies). This is an indoor chiller; it must be in an ambient environment of 55°F to 95°F. We ran and tested this unit thoroughly in our 13,000 square-foot chiller facility prior to shipping.

It has dual compressors, a 15 hp process pump, and a 7.5 hp evaporator pump; both adjacent to the storage tank. The 300 lbs of R22 was removed and recovered prior to disconnecting, so the new owner had to re-charge. Arrived at KIG in October 2014 was this 2007 Trane Intellipak 30 ton Air Cooled Chiller. This unit has the low ambient electrically controlled fan louver options for year round process cooling, yet equally as good for a comfort cooling application. If you need 460 volt, there are some very affordable step down transformers on eBay now and we can help you select the right one.

Author: Holly Montgomery