Climate Control

Various adjustments focusing on optimal chilled water set points, chiller sequencing and load balancing, peak demand management, cooling tower water management, etc. can only be performed with operational data. IoT has found practical application in HVAC to facilitate true optimization. Water-cooled chillers typically reside indoors in an environment protected from the elements. Water-cooled chillers typically represent the only option for larger installations. The additional cooling tower system will require additional installation expense and maintenance as compared to air-cooled chillers.

United Rentals’ electric chiller rental fleet includes individual units ranging from 60 tons to 400 tons of air cooled. These units can be used as stand-alone HVAC chiller solutions or as a part of multiunit configurations to meet virtually any air cooling demand. We also offer the largest portable cooling towers available anywhere in the world, with individual units ranging from 60 tons to 3,000 tons. Opti Temp provides cooling systems capable of control temperature to a tenth of a degree centigrade using patented refrigeration circuitry.

A chiller with a VSD must have a minimum of 3 percent impedance reactor in its AC power input connection. Customer must attach to his/her rebate application a copy of the manufacturer’s performance sheet where the AHRI standard FL and IPLV and/or design duty FL and IPLV are clearly stated. Air-Cooled Chillers shall be rated in EER and Water-Cooled Chillers shall be rated in kW/ton. Chillers selected with off-AHRI conditions must provide both the AHRI rated performance and the design duty performance.

Most modular chillers are about 150% to 200% the cost of a similar tonnage water-cooled chiller. Second, modular chiller efficiencies are typically not as attractive as standard water-cooled chiller efficiencies due to the compressors used in the chillers. Third, water treatment is extremely important as modular chillers use a plate and frame heat exchanger instead of a shell and tube heat exchanger, which must be cleaned to prevent fouling and plugging the heat exchangers. Duplex, external strainers should always be used to provide service of one strainer while maintaining operation through the other strainer.

Chemical Industry Chiller

Fast moving precision machines should use spindle oil cooler because they keep a machine moving and extend the life expectancy. Lamination machines produce a huge amount of heat to seal the plastic material around print documents and other productions. Zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead and tin-based alloys are the material used. Anodizing is an electrochemical conversion process that changes the outer structure of the metal.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by selling and servicing HVAC systems you can count on. We respect our customers, our employees, and our industry, while delivering responsive service and first rate technical support. Industrial chillers have specific integrated controls that allow them to operate in both hot and very cold weather conditions. Industrial chillers are designed to operate in all weather conditions while HVAC chillers are often idle in the winter since air-conditioning is not required.

Universal Air & Gas Products custom manufactures process water chillers available with 0.25 ton to 30 ton capacity. Their cooling options include air cooled aftercoolers, compressor blocks and intercoolers. Their capabilities include designing, installation, maintenance, manufacturing, repair, testing, and certification.

They are ideal for industrial process applications in corrosive environments and spaces with poor ventilation and heat issues. Before any condensation occurs, the high pressure vapor must be first brought to a saturated condition (de-superheated). Enough heat must be transferred from the refrigerant to lower its temperature to the saturation temperature. In the real world, some subcooling would be expected at the condenser outlet. Subcooled liquid provides insurance against liquid flashing as the refrigerant experiences pressure losses in the tubing and components. Centrifugal compressors, which are water-cooled, are aerodynamic or turbine type and move gas by converting kinetic energy to pressure energy.

Our Cryo Chillers use liquefied cryogens to cool heat transfer fluids with a proprietary cooling technology, delivering low and ultra-low temperatures and rapid transitions rates to a test device or process. At Thermonics, our chillers are born for the most demanding cooling applications. Whaley Products, Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of industrial cooling systems. Quality equipment, precision engineering, and outstanding service are three areas in which WPI strives for excellence. This growth can only be credited to the years of hard work gaining the trust of its customers, which include end users, OEMs, suppliers, distributors, contractors, and engineers.

Author: Holly Montgomery